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Bringing employees together through corporate team building is an essential component of creating a productive and successful working atmosphereBringing employees together through corporate team building is an essential component of creating a productive and successful working atmosphere. Whether this is done through weekend retreats, evening excursions or staff meeting icebreakers, team building can bring many benefits to an organization. Here are the top five reasons you should be engaging in corporate team building games.

  1. Communication

When employees are tasked with solving problems together, communication is key. Unfortunately, unclear communication (or a lack of communication in the first place) is the root of many workplace conflicts. Some corporate teambuilding ideas are perfect for fostering clearer and more productive conversation. Take escape room games, for example. By working together to solve a tangible, immediate problem, your employees need to be deliberate in how they communicate with each other. This will translate to the workplace when all parties need to come together to meet a common goal.

  1. Energy

All too often, organizations suffer from a lack of new energy. When employees have been working together for years – sometimes decades – it’s easy to fall into a rut. Getting your employees out of the routine with team-building games is a great way to re-energize them as you bring them closer together. This is also a wonderful opportunity to incorporate new faces into the family and get everyone excited about working as a team. Try a day-long retreat at a local campground complete with icebreaker games and activities where employees can share fresh and new ideas in a relaxed environment.

  1. Creativity

Many corporate team building games and escape rooms involve a degree of creative thinking. Whether your employees are trying to build the tallest tower out of candy or find their way out of a locked room, they are going to need to work together to come up with a creative solution. By doing activities that will force them to stretch their minds together, they can bring an element of creativity back to the workplace to help with their next project.

  1. Levity

Depending on the industry, corporate work can be a bit of a grind. Deadlines, interpersonal conflicts and big picture projects can drain some of the life out of a workplace. By incorporating corporate team building games into staff meetings, you can bring a sense of lightness or levity to the organization. This type of self-care is also essential to your overall employee satisfaction. By ensuring all employees have a chance for some lighthearted fun within the work day, you can help retain them for years to come.

  1. Community

Doing icebreakers can be a great way to build community within the workplace. The more your employees know about each other and the more they get the chance to interact outside of an office setting, the more comfortable they’ll be working together in the workplace. To achieve this, focus on icebreakers that help professionals get to know each other on a personal level. Common games like Two Truths and a Lie are a great way to learn quick and fun facts about coworkers. From there, your employees will likely form bonds that will help provide a sense of team camaraderie in the workplace.

Completing escape room games or icebreakers not only helps employees to connect with each other but benefits your organization with better productivity. By encouraging communication, creativity and more, corporations can ensure their employees are successfully working together for the best possible business outcomes.

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  • Callum Palmer
    on January 18, 2018 Reply

    There really are a lot of surprising benefits that team building exercises can bring to your company and employees. The article names off quite a few, but I am particularly glad that it brings up creativity as one of them. After all, it isn’t hard for a team of employees who have been doing the same thing day after day to get stuck in a creative rut and team building exercises are a great way to break them out of it.

    • Author
      on February 14, 2018 Reply

      Thanks, Callum. You are so correct. The extreme of routine is ‘rut’. And ruts stifle creativity. When thinking about a team building experience, the benefits of doing it away from your place of business cannot be overstated.

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