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“As a leader, unity begins with you.” – John Maxwell.




Maxwell goes on to say:

“A collection of individuals does not become a team simply by putting on the same uniforms. Nor do persons suddenly transform into a team merely because they show up to the same workplace. A true team—one whose members work together to achieve greatness—has a unified vision.”

Creating that unified vision can be hard. Mission and vision statements can feel like big tasks and overwhelming and sometimes not applicable for a small team or individual department.

It is your job, no matter your title and rank, to help pull your team together. You can’t wait for your manager or executive leadership to set the tone. Be the leader you were called to be and turn your team into a highly functioning unit. Stephen Covey tells us that Step 1 is to Be Proactive.

How? We recommend you start small. We offer a great experience for everyone on your team – can you say that about Happy Hour or Top Golf? Our Escape Rooms (wondering “What is an Escape Room?”?) offer a team-based challenge that allows your team to meet the four goals of a team the Maxwell lays out:

  1. Understand the vision

  2. Take ownership of the vision

  3. Contribute to the vision

  4. Pass on the vision

In a quick 60 minutes, you can easily get everyone involved. The rules are clear (understand the vision). Only the people in the room can get themselves out (Take ownership of the vision). Once in the room, the team will need to work together (contribute to the vision) and ultimately direct themselves and each other (pass on the vision) in order to make it out in time.


  • Unity begins with you
  • Unity doesn’t happen by chance
  • Be a leader and be proactive
  • Start…small if you have to

If you’re interested in bringing your team you can book an escape room online right now or if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out an ask, just give us a call at 346-240-9111