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Employee cohesion is part of what makes businesses successful, so team building excursions are often on the agenda.Employee cohesion is part of what makes businesses successful, so team building excursions are often on the agenda. Choosing an activity depends on its intent and the interests of the employees. Not everyone will enjoy the same kind of outing and employees may be in different stages of interpersonal relationships. Ask for feedback on team building options and opt for one that will achieve your objective: ease tension, promote bonding, or break the ice.

Cooking Classes

Executive coach Ben Dattner recommends cooking classes for team building, as they engage an instinct of creating allies out of those with whom one breaks bread. The process of learning how to make a dish and eating it together communally develops a shared skill and lets people interact in a low-stress atmosphere.

Dattner recommends a noncompetitive activity for team building as it supports camaraderie and a sense of shared vision and achievement. Competitive game playing can have the opposite effect, either by reinforcing tensions that already exist within the team or creating an environment of cutthroat competition.

Choosing other activities that focus on a collective goal that accomplishes a good deed is another option. Particularly for a team just getting to know each other or wanting to build upon existing office friendliness, engaging in charitable activities like building houses or volunteering at a local nonprofit can spread good feeling.

Paint Nights

Trying out the artistic side with a paint night is another low-key way to spend a weekend or evening. It’s an activity unlikely to result in hurt feelings or humiliation, as no employee is asked to perform. Everyone in the class has a set of materials and all paint the same picture. It’s usually something pretty simple and every employee has a piece of artwork to show off the next day. Plus, there’s plenty of time for casual conversation between coworkers seated next to each other behind their canvases.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a new trend in team building, as they offer a mixture of play, intellectual rigor, and challenge. Players enter a room that has a particular story or theme. As they solve puzzles one by one, they eventually get the final code that opens the room or wins the game.

Escape Hunt in Houston offers escape room scenarios specifically for corporate team building events. These are designed to captivate and entertain employees while reinforcing essential team-building skills. The founder of Escape Hunt has a background in workplace psychology, an added benefit for employers who want employees to leave a team building event with new knowledge and interpersonal skill set they can use in the workplace.

Like cooking and painting, escape rooms require no athletic ability. They are suitable for introverts and extroverts alike, but still task team members with working together in order to solve a puzzle. It’s a fun, low-stress environment in which to work out the kinks in workplace dynamics.

When choosing a team building exercise, know what you want to achieve and communicate the objective to your employees. A night at Escape Hunt might strengthen communication, boost collective problem-solving and reinforce respectful engagement between team members. Escape Hunt also runs post-escape room workshops to build upon the skills used during the game, so employees can learn leadership and how to best perform in their individual roles at work.

If you want to learn more about Escape Hunt’s unique approach to corporate team building, please contact us today.

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